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Lonely Hearts Club : Lucy & Blake


He pressed his lips on to hers. The kiss was nothing passionate but rather seductive, lusty, and hungry- just was they needed. He put his arms around her waist, letting them slip on to her thighs.
Blake didn’t know if he should start with this. He wasn’t sure if it was the best way to be rid of the pain the girl left him with. Would he just put her face over Lucy’s through all of it? She probably would. Lucy seemed like the type to fix on to his face that of her Lover Boy. It seemed only fair that he do the same, right? They were only distractions for one another.
But did he really want a distraction? Or did he hope this was a solution? He pushed away the thought with a play of her hair around his finger.

Lucy scooted back so her waist was right above his. She pressed her self down onto him, her lips never leaving his. She rubbed as much of herself onto him as she could. As much as this was about a distraction it was about something else to. She felt the need to prove to him that she was good. Last time they had sex he had been a virgin and she had just been opened to the world of sex that wasn’t with her father.

She placed both of her hands on his chest. She pressed herself down onto him again. 

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